SOLOPOS.COM - International class SMA Batik 1 Surakarta. (Istimewa), SOLO – Speaking in public such a disaster for they who are not having confidence to perform in front of people. Recently, speaking in public becomes popular because certain jobs need to have public speaking skill.

Structure of the language, accuracy of pronunciation, ability to improvise, and skill to catch audience’s attention could be complete recipe to achieve outstanding performance of public speaking. The smallest unite to practice public speaking for students are in their own classroom. Where the students can assume that their friends are audience.

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In the international class of SMA Batik 1 Surakarta, public speaking is a must-have material in language lessons, especially English. They are prepared to become great speakers when they compete on the global world. Starting in the classroom, they talk about certain themes, ranging from simple to difficult themes. Furthermore, for higher stage the theme could be related to social activities so that they are responsive and concerned about the issues around them.

Besides the reasons above, in this case, other students who act as spectators are also taught to provide responses, rebuttals, or criticisms as if at official and formal meetings. This habit aims to shape the mentality and character of students, that they could give appreciation to the speaker. In addition, they learn to respect to the people who are speaking. For students who act as speakers, they will also feel that speaking in front of people is not piece of a cake.

Practicing public speaking at the classroom will open the student’s knowledge about how language is a mean. Language will spread great energy to people who listen and attention for what they are speaking. The final things, speaking is an art; everyone can make it, but to incarnate the great one, you need to sharpen, practice, and actualize it.


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